Welcome to my site. For more than 30 years I have provided actuarial, economic and statistical analysis to law firms. While specializing in the litigation support areas of Wrongful Death, Disability and Dismissal, I also provide consulting services in a number of other areas including:
  • Life Care Plans,
  • Structured Settlements,
  • Equitable Distributions (Divorce),
  • Employment Discrimination,
  • Royalty and Expropriation Disputes,
  • Breach of Contract Disputes, and
  • Federal Estate and Gift Tax Matters.

I provide litigation support services to lawyers representing both plaintiffs and defendants. The proper selection of an expert witness is often critical to the outcome of a case. Using supportable economic and actuarial assumptions and as much factual information as possible, I believe I provide great credibility to my results and have earned the respect of all parties involved in these situations. All work is done on a "fee only" basis with the fees stipulated prior to engagement. Please contact me for additional information.

In addition to providing the typical services associated with death and disability matters, I am professionally trained to offer a rather unusual service in certain cases. Often overlooked, or ignored, by other consultants is the fact that not every individual is "normal" or "average." Typically, standard population-based life and work life expectancy factors are used in computing the value of lost or impaired earnings. Use of these standard tables is appropriate in the vast majority of situations; however, special procedures should be used to account for "substandard" potentials that might have pre-existed the injury or death. Using a substandard life expectancy approach in the valuation of a Life Care Plan is also often appropriate. Only a properly trained actuary has the training to interpret and apply the medical research necessary to quantify substandard impairments.

One of the most complex problems presented in the valuation of "fringe benefits". As an employee benefit actuarial consultant, with primary emphasis in the areas of group insurance and retirement benefits, I have been able to add a significant level of sophistication to this portion of the damage assessment.

Each report is unique. I do not use "canned" software or formats to grind out reports in wholesale fashion. The credibility of a damage report is greatly dependent upon replacing as many assumptions as possible with facts. As such, I normally insist upon contact with the plaintiff or survivors in order to flesh out details such as vocational objectives, retirement objectives, health matters, consumption patterns and household service characteristics. Those assumptions used, however, are based upon the most current information available. The results of new research is integrated into my reports as soon as possible.


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