Here are a few testimonials received from lawyer clients:

"The integrity, skill, perseverance and professionalism of Paul D. Halliwell are without question. He goes well beyond what other actuaries and economists do when retained as experts. His questions and ideas often lead to imaginative and new theories which have often helped me maximize recoveries on behalf of my catastrophically injured clients. His work has my whole-hearted endorsement."
--Henry H. Wallace, Esq.
"Your knowledge and experience have enabled us to prove damages suffered by decedent's estates and survivors as well as disabled personal injury plaintiff's by clear and convincing evidence. On a practical level, your professionalism in promptly reviewing and understanding the evidence, preparing comprehensive and accurate reports and availability to attend court to offer testimony on, at times, extremely short notice, has been of tremendous value to us in the preparation and presentation of cases at trial."
--David J. Watson, Esq.